• Image of CroixXGrip Fall 2015 Collab - Yellow

The Fall 2015 CroixXGrip Collab is one you do not want to miss. Only one of each available in red, green, blue and yellow. Each tama features a Croix fade to black with a splash of gold on top.

Croix has developed a strong reputation for having what some would consider the best paint in the game. Anyone that has played a Croix will tell you that its high gloss appearance combined with supreme playability and durability will leave you wanting more.

Unfortunately, Criox has stopped production leaving players scrambling to find freshies. Don't sleep on this opportunity!

All tamas are Croix Beechwood tamas and are weight matched to their corresponding ken within a few grams, most are within one gram.

Kendama comes in original Ozora packaging with extra string and Grip Stickers.


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